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Napa Juvenile Crime Attorney

Working to Protect the Rights & Future of Your Child

Have you or your child been arrested for a juvenile crime in Napa County? Having an arrest and conviction on your record as a minor could be detrimental to your pursuits as an adult.

Protect your future or your child’s future and contact Napa juvenile crime attorney Doug Pharr for a free consultation regarding your case.


California state law prosecutes minors, individuals under the age of 18, arrested for illegal activity under a separate code of criminal than adults.

Under California juvenile law, there are three main categories of criminal offenses:

  • Status offenses: These offenses have to do with conduct that would otherwise be legal if the defendant was of age. Examples include drinking alcohol as a minor, truancy from school, or violating curfew.
  • Delinquency offenses: These actions would violate criminal code regardless of the defendant’s age. Unless the court deems otherwise, minors charged with crimes violating state criminal code would be charged with delinquency offense rather than a misdemeanor or felony like an adult.
  • Juvenile being tried as an adult: The court may choose to have the defendant prosecuted as an adult depending on their proximity in age to adulthood or the severity of the crime committed. Currently, California law only permits the court to try a juvenile as an adult if he or she is over the age of 16 and is being charged with a crime involving a serious violent crime or sex-related offense. In this case, he or she would face penalties to the full extent of the law.

Penalties for conviction of delinquency offenses for juveniles in California include:

  • Detention in a correctional facility or Juvenile Hall
  • Probation
  • Restitution to the victim
  • Community service

Additionally, a minor convicted of a juvenile offense will have that conviction on his or her record unless the record is later sealed when he or she is an adult.

To qualify for a petition to seal a juvenile record, he or she must:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have no misdemeanor or felony convictions on record as an adult
  • Have no pending civil litigation regarding his or her prior juvenile offense
  • Demonstrate rehabilitation since conviction

If the individual meets all of the criteria above, the court may choose to grant the petition, and his or her record as a juvenile will be sealed from the view of any future employer and the defendant will have the ability to deny its existence without penalty.

Turn to a legal defense that works – no gimmicks, just results.

If you or your child is currently facing charges as a juvenile in Napa, it is impertinent to your case to have a strong legal defense. The attorney you chose to defend you can impact the outcome of your case and even its effect on the rest of your life, or your child’s life.

Attorney Doug Pharr has been defending clients of all ages against a wide range of criminal offenses for more than 20 years. With both legal skills and community recognition as a criminal defense attorney that brings results, our Napa juvenile crime lawyer fights to see his clients treated fairly and given the best possible verdict.

Start fighting to protect your future. Contact the Law Office of Douglas Pharr today and schedule a free case evaluation.

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